Basic Leather Carving Instructions Part IX
Decorative Cuts

In leather working the swivel knife is often used to make decorative cuts. This is done on cased leater and when the leather dries the cuts open slightly. Decorative cuts can make or break your design. When done well, they enhance the design. When done poorly they ruin it. Before making decorative cuts, practice on some scrap leather.

32. Most beginners find this step the most difficult. Practice decorative swivel knife cuts on scrap leather before proceeding. 33. Study your photocarve. Decorative cuts are generally made by pulling the knife towards yourself. No photo.
34. Most decorative cuts start with a deep cut that gets progressively lighter. i.e - press straight down, then pull towards you applying less pressure as you move the blade. No photo. 35. Make sure your cuts flow with the design. No photo

The pattern used here is from the excellent tutorial book The Leatherworking Manual. I highly recommend this book.

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