Basic Leather Carving Instructions Part VIII
Backgrounder Tool Usage

In leather working the backgrounder tool is used to matt down and texture the background. It is shaped so that it can fit in very tiny areas.

28. The backgrounder is used to matt down the background areas. Study your pattern to identify background areas - these will usually be small areas between the leaves, scrolls, and flowers that have been beveled all the way around. 29. Available in a variety of shapes and patterns, the most popular is a small teardrop shape with a fine checkered pattern (A104). This tool will permit backgrounding in the tightest ares.
30. The tool is used around the perimeter of each background area. Sorry, no photo available. 31. The center of each background area is done by walking the backgrounder across it. To obtain the best results, rotate the tool while walking it to get an even texture.

The pattern used here is from the excellent tutorial book The Leatherworking Manual. I highly recommend this book.

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