How To Use Basket weave
Stamps For Leather

By Bob Sherman

letter stamping exampleBasket weave stamping is a popular decorating technique for a wide range of leather products. Although most commonly seen on belts and holsters, basket weave patterns may be used to enhance many leather projects.

The following illustration show the typical method used to obtain a great basket weave design.

Step 1
Case the leather as usual.

Mark your borders with a straight edge and stylus.

Mark your centerline. Most basket weave stamping is done diagonally as shown here.

Step 2
Select a basket weave stamp.

Position the stamp in the center of your line and align one side of the stamp with the line.

Strike it with the mallet - your results should be similar to the photo at right.

When doing basket weave stamping it is necessary to align the tool correctly with the previous stamp impressions.

The full area circled in this photo should be overlapped with the previous stamp.

To simplify these descriptions, I will refer to this portion of the stamp as the leg from here on.


letter stamp Step 3
Align the tool on the opposite side of the line and with the leg overlapping the first stamp impression.

Repeat this for the other side of the first impression.


Step 4
Continue this process in both directions.

Stop stamping when you can no longer fit a full stamp impression within your border.

Notice how straight this line is - that is because we followed the guideline.

Step 5
Continue stamping in one direction using the previous imprints as your guide.

Whenever possible try to align on 2 previously stamped legs.

Step 6
Repeat step 5 on the other side of the centerline.

This piece is complete and ready for a border treatment.

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