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Online Candle Making Courses

Those wishing to learn how to make candles will find our free introduction to candle making course teaches all the basics you need to get started. Starting with materials and safety right through to finishing your first candle.

Important things about the course:

  • It is 100% free
    • No fees.
    • No purchase required.
    • No donations asked for or accepted.
  • No experience is necessary - it will teach you all the basics needed to make candles in 8 easy lessons.
  • Follow the course at your own pace. Many folks complete it in 2 hours, but you can work at any speed you are comfortable with.
  • Registration is required - this allows us to ban problem users if necessary.
    • The course is run on a separate database so your account information at One Stop Candle cannot be used to access the course - you will need to register separately to take the course.
    • When you register, please use a valid email address - the registration information will be sent to the email address.
    • No use outside of course administration will be made of any information you provide.
      • You will not be added to any mailing lists.
      • We do not sell or otherwise share your information.
      • If any new candle making courses become available, we may use the information to inform you.

To take our Free Introduction To Candle Making Online Course - click here.

Once you have completed the course, additional instruction and projects are available on our Candle Making Instruction page and Candle Making Projects page.




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