Waxed Bear Project

By Bob Sherman

Stuffed animals dipped in scented wax make great air fresheners. These are popular gifts as well and are fun and easy to make. Although a teddy was used here, pretty much any type of stuffed animal may be used. Although these are not candles, they are a very popular project among candle makers.

Many of the items you may need can be ordered directly from this page for your convenience. The Materials list is at the bottom of the page.

PLEASE NOTE!! - Candle making (melting wax in this case) can be dangerous if proper safety procedures are not followed. Please read these Safety Rules before attempting any candle making or wax melting projects.

Wax Formula
This project uses our basic pillar candle formula.

1. A medium size bear was used for this project. Do not use cheap glued seam bears as they will fall apart from the heat - the bear must have sewn seams. 2. My thinking on this was to attach a clip to simplify dipping. This will work, however the clip illustrated here was not strong enough.
3. Submerge the bear in the melted scented wax. Use a wooden spoon or similar object to push the bear down to ensure full coverage. Note that a double boiler setup is used to melt the wax for safety. 4. After a few seconds remove the bear from the wax and allow it to drain. It is very hot at this stage so handle with care.
5. It takes quite a while to drain these so you can position the bear atop 2 wooden spoons placed across the top of the pot. If you plan to make a lot of these you will want to build a drain system such as a grill positioned above a pan. 6. Pose the bear in approximately the final position as desired. Note the heavy rubber gloves to protect hands
7. Comb and fluff out the fur using a dinner fork. 8. Pose bear in final position propping the parts as needed. Note the metal rod supporting the head in this photo.
9. Touch up any spots of fur that need it with the fork. Be gentle so you don't disturb the pose. 10. Allow to cool fully. The bear will hold its pose once the wax hardens.

Refreshing Scent - Over time the fragrance will fade and it will need to be refreshed by heating with a blow dryer.

Warning - Although made with wax, these are not candles so do not try to burn them - keep away from fire and flames.

Caution - Setting these directly on fabric or furniture may cause stains or other damage. Always set these on glass.

11. If desired, dress up the bear with a bow, hat, etc...

Candle Making Supplies And Other Materials

The following candle making supplies were used to make this waxed bear. Clicking on the item name will bring you to that item's page with a full description.

Item Amount Used
140 MP paraffin Wax Enough to make as many candles as desired.
Dye Blocks
Dye Flakes
In the desired colors.
Scent Oil Optional - used at 1 ounce per pound of wax.
Melting / Pouring Pot One
Stuffed Animal One
Fork For fluffing the fur
Heavy Rubber Gloves To protect hands from hot wax when handling the bear.
Old Pot For making double boilers. Find at garage sales or thrift shops.
Wooden Spoon, Measuring Spoons. Purchase at a house wares store or a dollar store.

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Author: Bob Sherman

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