Support Free Candle Making Projects And Instructions

It has long been our policy to provide free projects and instructions on our web site for anyone to use. Those customers from the mid 90's may remember how crude they were originally. Over the years we have refined them into what we consider the best information available, and you will not find better at any price.

We are still publishing a steady stream of informative step by step articles and maintaining an online archive of them. We still do not charge for them, but the costs of producing and making them available is growing and we ask for your voluntary support. No - we do not want donations, and in fact will refuse any donations offered.

Our projects are for the most part printable and displayed on pages uncluttered by advertising. Compare that to some sites offering dubious quality information on pages that are more advertisement than information.

How You Can Help
The main way we ask for your support is to spread the word. This costs you nothing but a few seconds of your time. Tell friends, mention / link our projects on related message boards, link to us from your web site or blog. Our project budget is linked to our advertising budget so the less we have to spend on advertising, the more we can spend on free projects.

The other way is a bit more obvious - shopping with us. We do not believe in a hard sell approach and advertising on project pages is kept minimal and unobtrusive. We do not require folks to purchase anything to view or use all this free information. But ultimately it is the sales of our products that pays for the free projects and instructions. Our selection is huge, our prices are competitive, our service is fast, and our product support is unbeatable so give us a try next time you need something.