Chocolate Pudding Candle Project

By Bob Sherman

Faux food candles are very popular and fun to make.Most of the items you need can be ordered directly from this page for your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE! - Candle making can be dangerous if proper safety procedures are not followed. Please read these Safety Rules before attempting any candle making projects.


Fill wax - For best results we need a hard, opaque wax. Mix some of this formula for each color. Note: this formula without dye will provide a nice white color.

Whipped Wax

Candle Making Supplies And Materials

The following candle making supplies and other materials were used to make this candle. Clicking on the item name will bring you to that item's page with a full description and ordering information.

Item Amount Used
140 Melt Point Wax  
Vybar 103 1 level tsp per pound of wax.
Glassware Select a glass type suitable for pudding. From any housewares store.
Pre Tabbed Wick Select a size suitable to your container and several inches taller if possible.
Brown Dye Flake or Blocks Any brown dye of your choice,. use sparingly as we are trying for a a pudding color.
Chocolate Scent Oil Chocolate works well for this, but choose any sent you desire.
Melting / Pouring Pot Note that larger hurricane molds may hold as much as 8 pounds of wax. so several melting pots may need to be used.
Thermometer One
Hand Blender Or Whisk For whipping the topping wax.
Baking Pan, Wooden Spoon, Measuring Spoons Purchase at a house wares store or a dollar store.

Step By Step Instructions

1. While your wax is melting, wrap several turns of the wick around a pencil or dowel. Measure it against the glass so that the tab is suspended just above the bottom (so it won't be visible in the finished candle). 2. Bring wax to 180 degrees F. Add dye and test color. When desired color is reached, add chocolate scent oil. Stir, then allow to settle for one minute. Pour into the glass stopping 3/4 of an inch from the top. Position the wick so that it is not touching the sides of the glass. Allow to cool.
3. Melt the whipped wax formula and then remove from the heat. 4. Once the wax has cooled to the point of coating the pot sides and a surface film is forming we can begin whipping.
5. Whip with a blender or whisk until the wax is frothy. 6. Remove the pencil and straighten the wick. Use a spoon or fork to drop blobs of whipped wax on the top of the candle.
7. When the whipped wax is hardened, trim the wick to 1/4 inch.  

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