How To Make Gel Air Fresheners

By Bob Sherman

This article was originally published in 1999 and has been rewritten, modernized, and modified for this web site.

Although these are not candles and therefore not designed to be burned, over the years they have been a popular project with candle makers. This project shows how to make a room freshener using unflavored gelatin as a base. It is a very simple technique, and requires only basic cooking equipment.

These come out much more transparent than this photo shows. The apparent opacity of the blue gel is due to a quirk of my digital camera.

NOTE! - These are not candles! Do not confuse this technique with gel candles. Although this is not a candle making project, it does require the use of heat so all cautions you would use when cooking apply.

The following materials will be needed:

Step 1
Measure out 3/4 cup of water.

Note: the gelatin I used made 1 cup per package. If you use a different size package or multiple packages, just use 3/4 of the total water called for on the instructions.

Step 2
Pour the water into a clean pot and heat to a boil. Direct heat is ok since it is non flammable.

Step 3
Measure 1/4 cup of cold water. Set this aside for step 5

Step 4
Add the gelatin to the boiling water and whisk until fully dissolved.

Step 5
Remove the pot from the heat and add the 1/4 cup of cold water measured out in step 3.

Step 6
Add food coloring and stir well.

Step 7
Add the scent oil and stir well.The amount is a matter of personal preference, but between 2 and 6 teaspoons should suffice. Most fragrance oils are not water soluble, so there may be a lot of oily residue on the bottom of the pot. Add one ounce of witch hazel or vodka. This will help inhibit mildew and mold formation.

Allow it to settle for a minute or so.

Step 8
Pour it into a jar. If appearance is important, try to avoid pouring the scent residue into the jar. If you are just making these for personal use, then the residue is not important (the lighter color layer in the following photos is from this residue).

Step 9
Allow it to settle for a few minutes, then place in a refrigerator until the liquid turns into a solid gel.

Step 10
The finished room freshener. My digital camera had some trouble reproducing the actual color which is transparent blue.

These will fill a room with fragrance if you add enough scent oil. Basic usage is easy - open the jar to release scent and close it to stop. The gelatin will evaporate over time and the jars may be washed out and reused.

Finding Gelatin
Unflavored gelatin is available in most supermarkets. For those outside North America, I'm sorry but I have no idea what it may be called in your country.

I normally make these without the alcohol (witch hazel or vodka), however some folks experience mold and mildew problems when this is left out. I feel this is most likely caused by climate conditions specific to their area or possibly even their home, so you may wish to experiment with it both ways since omitting this will lower production cost.

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