Common Formula Conversions

1 lb = 16 oz 454g 454ml ~96tsp* ~32TBS*
1 oz = 28.4g 6tsp* 2TBS*
1 c * = 8 oz* 1/2lb* 48tsp* 16TBS*
1 g = ~1/5tsp*
1 tsp * = ~1/6oz 1/3Tbs* ~4.7g 4.7ml
1TBS *= 3tsp* ~1/2oz ~14g

The Asterisk (*) denotes a volume measure. Generally these are close enough for calculating liquid weights. The equivalents shown above are based on the weight of a volume of water. For example 96 tsp of water is very close to 1 lb. Most of the ingredients used in candle making are oil based, making them slightly lighter than water so there is some inaccuracy in using volume measures. They are very close however, and you should find them usable for most working formulas.

The above weight to volume conversions are useless for dry measures. For example 1tsp of Vybar 260 weighs approximately 1/10 oz, not 1/6 oz. One cup of granulated wax weighs just under 4oz, not 8 oz. With a bit of experimentation, you should be able to find a measuring spoon amount for most dry products allowing repeatability in future batches.