Candle Making Project

By Bob Sherman

I originally published this project in 1998 and have rewritten and modernized it to fit this site. This technique uses a combination of molding, cutting, and and layered pouring to make a unique candle. Since I cut these to resemble flames, reds , oranges, and yellows were used but they could be made in any color.

Most of the candle making supplies needed can be ordered directly from this page for your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE!! - Candle making can be dangerous if proper safety procedures are not followed. Please read these Safety Rules before attempting any candle making projects.

The same wax formula was used throughout. The following formula works well for this.

Candle Making Supplies

The following candle making supplies and other materials were used to make this candle. Clicking on the item name will bring you to that item's page with a full description and ordering information.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Prepare the mold by coating with mold release and plugging the wick hole with putty or a rubber mold plug. If you are not an experienced candle maker, do not proceed beyond this point if you are not familiar with the safety rules for candle making. 2. Melt enough wax to fill the mold. Pour at 185 degrees F. Stop the pour 1/4 inch from the top of the mold.
3. Allow the mold to cool. Periodically cut through the surface film to check the wall thickness. This process may be sped up using a water bath if desired. More information on using a water bath may be found here. 4. Once the wall thickness reaches 1/4 inch immediately use a sharp knife to cut and remove most of the surface film.
5. Wearing heavy gloves, pour the wax out of the center of the mold. 6. This gives us a hollow wax shell. Allow it to cool fully.
7. Remove the wax from the mold. Use a small drill bit to drill the wick hole out. Do not trim the seam - it will be used to reposition the wax in the mold on a later step. 8. From this point the wax must be handled carefully to avoid breakage. Use the hot knife to cut the desired pattern out of the wax shell. Allow the heat of the knife to cut the wax - excess pressure will cause the wax to crack.

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