Winter Candle Making Projects

These project articles show how to make candles for the Winter season using several techniques. Most of these free candle making projects are heavily illustrated and include a linked materials list for your convenience.

Those who prefer a text listing with descriptions rather than photos please refer to our Alphabetical Candle Project Listing.

For general basic instructions see Candle Making Instructions.

Beeswax Ornaments Project

This article shows how to make a Christmas ornaments with beeswax. These are not candles.

Candy Cane Candle Project

This article shows how to make a solid hurricane candle embedded with candy canes.

Peppermint Stick Candle Project

This article shows how to make a candle that looks like a peppermint stick.

Snowball Candle Project

This popular and fun project how to make candles that look like snowballs using whipped wax.

Snow Molded Candles

This project shows how to make candles using snow as a mold.

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