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Candle Making Classes


Due to the economy we are moving to a smaller facility and will no longer be able to offer classes.

We offer Candle Making Classes at our shop on Long Island (New York). We are conveniently located in Williston Park, 3 miles from New York City and 1/4 mile from the LIRR Station. For those traveling, we are within a short drive from three major airports. Click here for more travel information.

About The Classes

Note: We teach candle classes once yearly in January.

These will not be dry, boring lectures - all classes will be "Hands On". Although many hobbyists take our classes, they are designed for people with a serious interest in candle making. We don't just teach how - a deeper understanding of candle making is imparted by including and demonstrating many of the theories behind how it is done. Anyone could show you how to melt and pour wax - we explain and demonstrate the reason why things are done to give you the knowledge needed to be a better candle maker.

Class size is strictly limited to give you personal attention. You will take home the candles you make, those candles that are not ready by the end of class may be picked up during normal business hours.

Please Note: These classes teach how to make paraffin candles - we do not use or teach with soy wax.

The weekend of classes is designed to provide experience with a broad range of candle making techniques to enable you to jump start your candle making career.

Instructor - Classes will be taught by Internationally known candle maker Bob Sherman. Author of Candle Making - From beginner to expert. (published. by M. Evans & Co.) several e-books, and hundreds of candle making articles. Bob has been making candles as a hobby since 1971, and commercially since 1994. In 1997 he was contracted by The Mining Co. to run their Candle And Soap Making resource site based on his expertise in this field, and over seven years authored hundreds of candle and soap making articles for them. His long experience and knowledge cover most types of hand poured and dipped candles.. He is currently an active member of The International Guild of Candle Artisans (I.G.C.A.).

Candle Making Class Schedule

Full Weekend of Classes
1/14/12 - 1/16/12
Basic Candle Making Class
9:30 AM
Intermediate Candle Making Class
9:30 AM
Advanced Candle Making Class
9:30 AM
Basic Incense Dipping Class
3 PM

Please use the red "more info" buttons above for full details, pricing, and booking information.

About Class Times: Morning start time of 9:30 is timed to allow attendees using the LI railroad to arrive on time. Classes will start at precisely 9:30 AM. The classes often take longer than scheduled and we recommend not making afternoon plans or you will miss some of the class. Afternoon start times are more flexible and afternoon classes will begin after the morning class has ended and a lunch break has been taken.

If you wish to be notified when new classes have been scheduled click here to contact us. Please note: Classes are exhausting for us, so we usually offer them only once yearly.





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