Free Chunk Hurricane Shell
Candle Project

By Bob Sherman

This fun project illustrates the steps for making hurricane shell candles. They make great gifts, and any type of embedded object may be used. For this project, chunks of colored wax were used to obtain a stained glass look. Any of the items you may need can be ordered directly from this page for your convenience.

PLEASE NOTE!!! - Candle making can be dangerous if proper safety procedures are not followed. Please read these Safety Rules before attempting any candle making projects. A double boiler set up must be used for all wax melting.

IMPORTANT: This article assumes some basic knowledge of candle making techniques. If you are not an experienced candle maker, I highly suggest taking a few moments to learn the basics.


Fill wax - For best results we need a hard, translucent wax. Mix enough of this formula to fill the mold.

Chunk Wax - The chunk wax is basically the same formula with a color added.


Candle Making Supplies And Materials

The following candle making supplies and materials were used to make this candle. Clicking on the item name will bring you to that item's page with a full description and ordering information.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Prepare chunks first by pouring colored wax into baking pans to 1/4 inch thickness. Slice into chunks as soon as it starts to solidify, then allow to cool before removing them from the pan. See steps 5 and 6 here for illustrations of this if needed. 2. Prepare the water bath by placing the mold in a bucket and filling with water to within 1/2 inch of mold top. Avoid getting any water in the mold.
3. Place the insert into the mold. 4. Position the chunks prepared in step one around the insert as shown. Fill to within 1/2 inch of the mold top.
5. The fill wax should now be heated to 190 degrees F. and poured into the center of the insert. The wax will flow under the insert and up the mold sides. 6. Use a wooden spoon to tap the mold sides. This will help dislodge any trapped air bubbles.
7. Put on work gloves and carefully move the mold into the water bath prepared in step 2. 8. Immediately grasp the insert and lift it 1/2 inch.

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Disclaimer: The information presented here is accurate to the best of my knowledge and common candle making practices as of the time of this writing. Originally published in January 2006 and updated in June 2011. The author and the publisher accept no liability for the use or misuse of any of the information presented in this article. This article is presented for informational purposes and is used at your own risk.

Author: Bob Sherman

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