Two Piece Chocolate Mold Prep For
Candle & Soap Making

Clear plastic chocolate molds are very inexpensive and can produce some great candles or soaps. Be aware that these are very heat sensitive and if poured too hot it will deform the mold. Items made in these molds have a high gloss finish. A variation of this without the wick hole should also work for plaster crafting, although I have not tried it.

Please be patient, the images may take a moment to load.

1. Basic 3D Chocolate Mold. 2. Use a scissors to separate the 2 halves.
3. Notice that cut was centered between the 2 cavities. 4. Trim the lip from the outside edge of mold sheet.
5. Trim the flat portion to within 1/2" of mold cavity on sides and candle bottom, 3/4" of candle top. The second half should be trimmed to about the same size. 6. Make a wick hole in desired area of mold. A gentle twisting motion with a hobby knife was used here. A hot needle or tiny drill bit will also work. Skip this step for soap use.
7. The finished wick hole. Skip this step for soap use. 8. A pouring hole needs to be cut to allow filling of the mold. This should be at the bottom of the finished candle, and only on one half of the mold.
9. The mold fully prepared for use.

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