Two Piece Chocolate Mold Use For
Candle & Soap Making

The following instructions illustrate the use of two piece chocolate molds for candle or soap making. Clear plastic chocolate molds are very inexpensive and can produce some great candles. Be aware that these are very heat sensitive and if poured too hot it will deform the mold. Items made in these molds have a high gloss finish. A variation of this without the wick hole works for soap and plaster crafting.

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1. Thread the wick through the wick hole. Skip this step for soap. 2. Seal the wick hole with a glob of mold sealer. Skip this step for soap.
3. Visually align the mold halves, and clamp with metal clips of any type. We prefer binder clips. 4. Center the wick and clamp to top. Skip this step for soap.
5. A piece of masking tape is folded across bottom seam to hold it tighter. 6. Mold ready to pour. Note mold stand with mold weight wrapped around it.
7. Mold is filled with 165 degree F. wax. Allow a moment for any air bubbles to release, then place in cool water bath. NOTE: Temperatures over 165 degrees F. will destroy these molds. 8. Ready for second pour to fill the shrink void. Not usually needed for soap.
9. Clamps and mold seal removed. 10. De molded, ready for seam trimming.
11. Trimming seam with hobby knife. 12. Level base on a heated pan or griddle. For soap trim with a sharp knife.

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