Candle Burning Instructions

Burning Safety

  2. Always burn candles on a heat resistant surface. Candle holders may become hot and damage furniture. A good heat resistant surface can be made from a ceramic tile (cover bottom with felt to protect furniture.
  3. Keep all burning candles away from children and pets.
  4. Position candles away from flammable objects.
  5. Place freestanding candles in a shallow dish or bowl to catch the wax in case of a blowout.
  6. Do not burn candles to the very bottom.

Burning Instructions

The following burning tips will help you get the most out of your candles.

  1. Always keep the wick trimmed to 1/4 inch (6mm.).
  2. Burning most candles no longer than 3 to 4 hours at a time will increase total burn time.
  3. Large diameter candles should be burned no longer than 2 hours at a time. This helps keep the sides intact, allowing the candle to glow from within.
  4. If a candle burns unevenly it is in a draft. Rotate the candle 90 degrees periodically to keep burning uniform, or move it to another location.
  5. A teaspoon of water in the bottom of votive cups will help prevent overheating and ease removal of spent candle.
  6. Snug a loose fitting taper in its socket by wrapping bottom of candle with tin foil. Never use a flammable material for this.
  7. Container candles (jar candles, votives in holders, etc...) should be burned 1 hour for each inch of diameter. This allows the wax pool to cover the entire surface, improves scent throw, and extends the burning time.
  8. Refrigerating candles for a few minutes before burning extends burning time slightly. Care must be taken since refrigerating for too long may cause cracks in the candle.
  9. The life of large candles may be extended by placing a votive inside once the burn hole is deep enough. The votive can be wrapped in tin foil to ease removal.

Spin Control

Following the safety rules above should minimize the chances of needing the following instructions. Note that wax removal is often as damaging to the surface as the wax was, so make every effort to avoid spills.

  1. Wax on Carpet - this procedure may cause stains, if in doubt call in a professional carpet cleaner.
    1. Let harden, then break up and remove as much wax as possible.
    2. Place paper towels on the area.
    3. Apply a hot steam iron to wick the wax into the paper towels. Protect the iron with tin foil.
    4. Repeat as needed.
    5. Check the iron for wax residue before using for clothing again.
  2. Wax on Clothing - may cause stains, if in doubt consult a professional.
    1. Remove Garment.
    2. Let harden, then remove as much wax as possible.
    3. Pour boiling water through affected area.
    4. Repeat as necessary.
    5. Do not use carpet method on clothes as it could set the candle dye in the fabric.
  3. Wax on Solid surfaces (wood floors, furniture, counters, etc...)- may ruin the finish, if in doubt consult a professional.
    1. Do not wipe up the spill as a thin film of wax is much harder to remove than a solid piece.
    2. If you catch it while still liquid, try to build a dam to contain the spill in a small area. pencils work well for this.
    3. Once the wax has solidified, gently pry it loose from the surface. Try to avaoid scratching the finish.
    4. If necessary, pry the wax off with a plastic spatula or similar object. Avoid this if possible as it increases the chances of damaging the wood finish.

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