Contents Of Candle Making
A Step By Step Guide From Beginner To Expert


Designed as a complete course in candle making, following the book in sequence will guide your progress from the basics through the most advanced candle types.

  1. Understanding Candles
  2. Candle Making Safety
  3. Candle Measures
  4. Candle Making Equipment
  5. Candle Making Materials
  6. Work Area
  7. Basic Candle Making Procedure
  8. Wick Selection And Preparation
  9. Molded Candle Procedure - Top Up Molds
  10. Molded Candle Procedure - Top Down Molds
  11. Container Candle Procedure
  12. Dipped Candle Procedure
  13. Non-Poured Candles
  14. Surface Effects Projects
  15. Applique Candles
  16. Beginner Projects - Poured Candles
  17. Intermediate Projects - Poured Candles
  18. Advanced Projects - Poured Candles
  19. Experimenting
  20. Wax Recycling
  21. Wax Formulas
  22. Glossary
  23. Candle Making Record Sheet sample

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