Votive Auto Wick Pin Instructions

By Bob Sherman

Step by Step Instructions for using votive candle auto wick pins. These pins will save a lot of time when making votives while at the same time they ensure a centered wick.

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1. Standard Auto Wick Pin. Check alignment and make sure it is centered before first use (also if you drop it). 2. Setting molds in cookie sheets or other types of trays is the easiest way to handle them, and allows recovery of spilled wax.
3. Fill molds to overflowing. Allow to harden. 4. Do second pour, also overflowing the mold. Allow to cool.
5. Removed from mold, pin still in place. 6. Push pin against tabletop while grasping body of candle.
7. Bottom view after removing pin. 8. Insert a primed and tabbed wick.
These pins save a tremendous amount of time and effort. As an added bonus, the wicks are always perfectly aligned.

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9. The finished candle. Trim wick to 1/4" if needed.

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