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I have been contemplating trying to get in a bit better shape but the typical gym workout or jogging just don’t appeal to me.  While looking for alternatives, I was watching some youtube videos from BM and decided that fire dancing looks like fun and will likely provide a good workout.

Of the various fire dance implements, Poi had the most appeal to me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be good enough to do this with fire, but based on my muscle soreness today from an hour of practice yesterday  I guess it is good exercise.

I started with a pair of home made sock poi and the instructions at Home Of  Poi. The home made sock poi leave a lot to be desired as they cause a lot of friction on the skin and I  suspect will be a blister factory soon. Once I have a bit more of a clue I plan to order some poi from them with actual straps and swivels.

So far I have made a bit of progress, but I’m not sure I have the coordination to do any really fancy stuff - time will tell.

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