Due to the massive amount of machine generated spam this blog is being bombarded with I am discontinuing it. Commenting will be blocked and no new posts will be possible.
 I can be reached on eplaya - my screen name is Drawingablank.
 I hope you’ve enjoyed any time spent here, and thanks for visiting. See you on […]

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After nearly a year of planning and preparing, we are only 8 days from departure.  And still frantically trying to finish up all those last minute projects (or those that have dragged out to the last minute).
Which is one reason why my blog entries have been few and far between lately. The other reason is […]

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The plans to bring a dome for shade this year have been shelved in favor of a simpler and cheaper to construct Monkey hut.
As we approach departure time (33 days now) and look at all the crap we need to pack, much of the original stuff planned has to be scrapped due to space constraints.
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Download and print these great Million Dollar Burning Man Notes - Here.

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After turning over the backyard dandelion patch that was masquerading as a lawn, I was sitting around contemplating how to plant grass in this unseasonably hot weather. Then I had an epiphany (or maybe too much PBR) - why not plant it all in veggies for the Summer then plant the lawn in the Fall.
All that […]

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Found a 150 quart Marine Extreme cooler for 63.00 Now we just need to figure out how to fit it in the Prius along with everything else we have to transport.
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Much of our planned camp and art has changed drastically. Partly because of transportation issues, part because the stuff was ill conceived in the first place, and partly because better ideas have coime along.
The stone age theme is gone - we still like the concept but lack the resources to really do it justice at […]

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The camp tee shirt “contest” has been won by Sic Pup from the Eplaya boards who correctly guessed that our Grasshopper Night camp name is from the Jefferson Airplane song Hijack.
The design has been finalized and we will be printing them soon.
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After spending a small fortune on fabric and weeks of working on my Playa coat, it turns out that the pattern is grossly undersized and it won’t fit me. I made an XL because im a size 45, but this thing turned out to be a large and is snug on my son who is […]

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Hardly seems like so much time has passed, but we will be leaving for Burning Man in about  120 days. However  it seems like the closer we get to BM, the more obstacles need to be overcome. This time yet another financial obstacle - our refrigerator just died (the big expensive home one, not something we […]

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