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After nearly a year of planning and preparing, we are only 8 days from departure.  And still frantically trying to finish up all those last minute projects (or those that have dragged out to the last minute).

Which is one reason why my blog entries have been few and far between lately. The other reason is that Eplaya is a vital source of info for our trip and I have been spending a loy of time there.

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The plans to bring a dome for shade this year have been shelved in favor of a simpler and cheaper to construct Monkey hut.

As we approach departure time (33 days now) and look at all the crap we need to pack, much of the original stuff planned has to be scrapped due to space constraints.

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Download and print these great Million Dollar Burning Man Notes - Here.

Burning Man Bucks

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After turning over the backyard dandelion patch that was masquerading as a lawn, I was sitting around contemplating how to plant grass in this unseasonably hot weather. Then I had an epiphany (or maybe too much PBR) - why not plant it all in veggies for the Summer then plant the lawn in the Fall.

All that extra produce will certainly help offset the massive gas bill we will incur on the trip to and from Burning Man, plus it will be a fun experiment.  One of my favorite Britcoms of all time was about a couple who dropped out of the rat race and became farmers in their tiny attached rowhouse. While our lot is not quite that small,  we are already getting some strange reactions from the neighbors.

Kinda makes me reminisce about spending Summers on various Uncle’s  farms as a child, although it sure is a lot more work without a tractor. So far we have  tomatos, bell peppers,  pumpkins, several rows of corn,  beans, eggplant, and cucumbers.  Next peas, and a section for carrots and radishes. I’ll also attempt watermelons again, although the ones I planted early died of root rot after 9 solid days of rain. It may be too late to get a watermelon harvest before the first frost here.

Now if the back 40 was only acres instead of sq yards it could really be interesting.

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Found a 150 quart Marine Extreme cooler for 63.00 Now we just need to figure out how to fit it in the Prius along with everything else we have to transport.

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Much of our planned camp and art has changed drastically. Partly because of transportation issues, part because the stuff was ill conceived in the first place, and partly because better ideas have coime along.

The stone age theme is gone - we still like the concept but lack the resources to really do it justice at this time - so the new theme is pretty much no theme / eclectic.

Camp art installation - as we start getting more accurate ideas of how much transport space we will have the camp’s interactive art has needed reevaluation several times. I fear that by the time we leave it will be down to a piece of cardboard and a sharpie, but will deal with it no matter how things turn out.

All in all the most important thing will be to get our bodies there along with water, food, shelter, and other survival necessities. 

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The camp tee shirt “contest” has been won by Sic Pup from the Eplaya boards who correctly guessed that our Grasshopper Night camp name is from the Jefferson Airplane song Hijack.

The design has been finalized and we will be printing them soon.

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After spending a small fortune on fabric and weeks of working on my Playa coat, it turns out that the pattern is grossly undersized and it won’t fit me. I made an XL because im a size 45, but this thing turned out to be a large and is snug on my son who is size 42.

I can’t even begin to express my disgust at this turn of events and the only saving grace is that my son will be wearing it to the burn. But I’m back to square one for a coat.

Lessons learned - avoid Simplicity Patterns, and make a mock up with cheap fabric before commiting.

Now to find another pattern, as enlarging this one is just way too much work.

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Hardly seems like so much time has passed, but we will be leaving for Burning Man in about  120 days. However  it seems like the closer we get to BM, the more obstacles need to be overcome. This time yet another financial obstacle - our refrigerator just died (the big expensive home one, not something we were taking with us).

It’s not just the big things though - little annoyances keep popping up too. Like trying to finish cutting out the parts for my coat and discovering the interfacing I have is too narrow. Time for yet another 5 mile trip to the fabric store.

At least the weather is trying to break finally - this is the third day in a row of Spring like temperatures, although there has been lots of rain along with it. Will be time to start working on our dome and camp art project soon.

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