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Sales Tax Information

We are required under New York State law to collect sales tax on any order shipped to or picked up from a New York State address. Addresses outside New York are exempt under current state law. Note that the law relates only to the delivery address, not your billing address.

If your package is being shipped to a New York address, please select the proper taxation county during checkout - leaving this out does not make you tax exempt and does delay the shipment of your order.

Businesses and Non profit organizations in New York that have filed a signed form ST-120 (or the non profit equivalent) with us are exempt from paying sales tax. This must be signed and mailed - it cannot be emailed. Until we have a signed copy of this form in our offices, we cannot ship your order without sales tax.

Most of our products and services are subject to New York State sales tax. This includes all molds, tools, packaging, leather, etc... Classes, shipping / handling, and other services are also taxable.

International Orders
Orders shipped outside the United States are subject to no taxes here, but please be aware that your country may impose taxes or duty. We have no control over this.

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