This page details available domestic (U.S.) shipping methods and explains the shipping policies at Onestopcandle.com.

NOTE: For orders outside the United States please see our International Shipping Information here.

We strive to make shopping with Onestopcandle.com the most pleasant experience possible. Our management and staff has a combined total of over 50 years of mail order operation experience. Our policy is 100% honesty with our customers and no exaggerated claims. The information below details exactly what you can expect regarding order processing, turnaround time, and transit time.

Money Saving Tips

As we are all aware the recent rise of fuel prices has greatly affected shipping costs. The following will help you save money:

Ship Out Time

Our order turnaround time is very fast, however it varies depending on the shipping method selected. Note that the times shown below are the typical time it takes to get the package out and do not reflect the transit time which depends on the shipping method selected and is explained in the relevant area of this page.

Orders are processed in the evening for packing the following working day. Orders arriving before 5 PM EST (New York time), are normally shipped the following day. Orders arriving later will often add one day to that. We do not ship on Saturdays so orders arriving after 5 PM Thursday ship on Monday.


Note: Priority Mail, Express Mail, Next Day Air, and so forth are the names used by the Postal Service and UPS for their various services and do not imply any special handling on our part - we strive to get all orders out in a timely manner.

Shipping Costs

Shipping charges are determined by package weight and destination. Our software calculates the shipping costs by looking up the rates on either the USPS online rate server and presents a menu of available shipping options to your destination with cost. Not all shipping options appear for all destinations due to availability.

Shipping quotes before checkout may be obtained by clicking the Shipping Options Link in the Mini Basket Display in the right side column of our site. Note this can only calculate shipping if you have one or more products in your basket. Note: If you sign in to your account first, the shipping quote destination will be filled in automatically.

Our web site is configured to calculate the correct costs for 99.9% of all shipments, however there are several instances when a correction may be required. Note that in cases where a correct price is not quoted - your account is not billed until we issue a correct quotation and receive an authorization from you.

Continental U.S.

USPS - Due to restrictions from some couriers about displaying their prices next to their competitors prices, our site quotes US Postal Service prices which are the most economical for most shipments. For heavier packages it may be less expensive to ship via FedX Ground and we will automatically switch it and refund the overage.

Pick Ups - Customers in the New York metro area who desire to pick up their order may do so at our showroom in Williston Park during normal business hours. Evening pickups can also be arranged if that is more convenient. Please contact our sales department with this form immediately after placing the order to let us know you intend to pick it up so shipping charges are not billed.

Other U.S.

Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO, FPO, and other destinations that are served by the U.S. postal system are normally sent via USPS (US Postal Service). Postal service is the most economical method for these destinations.

Important Note: There is a high incidence of packages to some of these destinations being returned to us undelivered. This occurs most often on packages to Hawaii and Puerto Rico, but can happen anywhere. This seems to be from mail carriers not delivering it and failing to notify the addressee that it is at the post office. We highly recommend keeping in touch with your local post office if you are expecting a package and live in one of these destinations.

USPS - United States Postal Service

For light domestic shipments and orders outside the 48 continental states the postal service is usually most economical. Our main dislikes of shipping via postal service are their primitive package tracking system and lack of delivery guarantees. In spite of this, the postal service is a viable option for many shipments if you are willing to do without advanced tracking.

Tracking - Be aware that the postal service offers limited electronic tracking only on most packages. This is often not a true tracking number, just a way to find if it was delivered or not.. No form of electronic tracking at all is available for some postal services. Please do not shrug this off - do not expect postal shipments to be trackable or even to have any form of unique ID number. If you are on a time frame and being able to track shipments is important - Request FedX Ground if possible.

Delivery Guarantee - You may find this hard to believe but there is None, Zero, Nada, etc... for most services (and I have my doubts about the others). Reading the fine print about postal services will show that you should not expect anything in the way of a delivery guarantee. For example "3 day Priority mail" actually only means that many of them get delivered in 3 days - however the post office won't even consider it overdue until 30 days from date of shipment.

Lost or missing packages - Although with few exceptions limited electronic tracking is available, since we insure everything the packages are traceable manually. Tracing postal shipments takes a minimum of 6 weeks and often longer. This involves waiting 30 days from date of shipment , filing papers at the post office, then waiting several weeks while they correspond with other post offices. This slow tracing has been the source of a high degree of fraud as well as unintentional duplicated shipments and because of that our policy is not to replace or refund such shipments until the post office has finished its investigation.

Ship Out Times - We ship via USPS 5 times weekly.

Postal Shipment Benefits

Postal Shipment Drawbacks

Transit Times - The following transit times are what we have found to be typical for postal shipments - in business days from day of shipment (not the date order is placed). The day of shipment, Saturdays and Sundays are not included in these times. These times vary from those published by the postal service and reflect what our experience has shown to be typical. Note: None of the delivery times shown below are guaranteed.

Service Domestic Ship Out Time Delivery Time
Express Mail Typically 1 day but may take 2 days to some areas. May also take longer to Ak, Hi, PR, Guam, APO, FPO, etc... Normally Ships within 1 - 2 working days Yes, but guarantee varies with your location. Yes
Priority Mail Typically 1 - 3 days but may take longer. May also take longer to Ak, Hi, PR, Guam, APO, FPO, etc... Normally Ships within 1 - 2 working days None Limited Tracking - not available on all packages).

Missing Packages

Infrequently, a package becomes lost or totally destroyed in transit. Although this is an inconvenience when it happens, there is nothing we can do to prevent it. All packages are packed to withstand the normal abuses of transport, however sometimes boxes get crushed by machinery or vehicles and no amount of packaging material can protect them from such a fate.

As soon as the carrier acknowledges either the loss or destruction of the package we will immediately reship or refund (your choice) the order. This may mean a time frame of several days to several months depending on the carrier based on the following:

We regret that this strict policy is necessary, however due to a common scam with certain shipping methods and to prevent duplicate shipping of slightly slow packages it has become necessary.

Service Comparison Chart

  FedX Ground
(Standard Service)
U.S. Postal Service
Priority Mail
U.S. Postal Service
Express Mail
Electronic Tracking Very Fast - minutes Very Fast - minutes Limited Yes
Insurance All All All All
Ship Out Time 5 times per week 5 times per week 5 times per week 5 times per week
Cost - Domestic Less on heavy packages Expensive Less on light packages High
Reliability About the same, however FedX is much faster to track down and deal with problems when they do occur and problems can be resolved in days compared to months with the postal service.
Delivery Guarantee Yes on all services with few exceptions Yes on all services with few exceptions None Yes, varies
Overall Delivery Time From Order Placement Fast Very Fast Fast Faster
Saturday Delivery No Available for a substantial fee Yes, should package arrive there on Saturday. Yes, 365 day a year delivery in most areas.
Large Shipment Discount Yes, starting at 200 pounds Yes, starting at 200 pounds None None
Shipment Oversize Charge
(This refers to dimensional volume charges which bill additional package weight for air shipments over 1 cubic foot).
Note: Large ground packages have an oversize charge, however in most cases we can break the shipment into 2 or more cartons to avoid this.
Yes Yes Yes

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