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Home > Candle Making Supplies > Candle Molds > Rubber Candle Molds > Rubber Animal Molds

Our candle making supplies include rubber animal candle molds in a wide variety of animal shapes.

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Rubber Animal Molds

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Code NameImagePrice Availability  
SM270 Bear & Hive Rubber MoldBear & Hive Rubber Mold  $22.39 Backordered
SM793 Bear Rubber MoldBear Rubber Mold  $23.99 In Stock
SM835 Cat Rubber MoldCat Rubber Mold  $72.29 Backordered
SM812 Collie Rubber MoldCollie Rubber Mold  $66.17 Backordered
SM950 NEW Deer And Bear Pillar Rubber Candle moldDeer And Bear Pillar Rubber Candle mold  $36.49 Backordered
SM343 Frog Rubber MoldFrog Rubber Mold  $30.79 Backordered
SM809 Howling Wolf Rubber MoldHowling Wolf Rubber Mold  $47.59 In Stock
SM792 Moose Rubber MoldMoose Rubber Mold  $23.99 In Stock
SM806 Mr Pig Rubber Candle MoldMr Pig Rubber Candle Mold  $27.90 In Stock
SM805 Mrs Pig Rubber Candle MoldMrs Pig Rubber Candle Mold  $27.90 In Stock
SM791 Raccoon Rubber MoldRaccoon Rubber Mold  $23.75 Backordered
SM216 NEW Sitting Dragon Rubber Candle moldSitting Dragon Rubber Candle mold  $41.99 In Stock
SM115 Teddy Bear Rubber MoldTeddy Bear Rubber Mold  $30.82 Backordered
SM122 Turkey Rubber MoldTurkey Rubber Mold  $40.59 In Stock


Home > Candle Making Supplies > Candle Molds > Rubber Candle Molds > Rubber Animal Molds

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