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Home > Incense Making

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NOTE: Incense sticks and cones vary greatly from one batch to the next.

Scent Oils Are available in our candle making section - click here.

Incense Making

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Code NameImagePrice 
INCDPG DPG (Di-Propylene Glycol) 2 Lb. BottleDPG (Di-Propylene Glycol) 2 Lb. Bottle  $12.95
INC01 Incense Sticks Standard, 100 packIncense Sticks Standard, 100 pack  $1.99
INC010 Incense Sticks Standard, 1,000 packIncense Sticks Standard, 1,000 pack  $12.90
INC0100 Incense Sticks Standard, 10,000 packIncense Sticks Standard, 10,000 pack  $89.99
INCCON01 Incense Cones, 100 packIncense Cones, 100 pack  $1.97
INCCON010 Incense Cones, 1,000 packIncense Cones, 1,000 pack  $13.99
INCCON0100 Incense Cones, 10,000 packIncense Cones, 10,000 pack  $99.99
INC02 Jumbo Incense Sticks, 30 packJumbo Incense Sticks, 30 pack  $2.48
INC02010 Jumbo Incense Sticks, 300 packJumbo Incense Sticks, 300 pack  $20.99
INC020100 Jumbo Incense Sticks, 3,000 packJumbo Incense Sticks, 3,000 pack  $154.99
INCCVH Incense Holder Carved StyleIncense Holder  Carved Style  $1.78
INCBOAT Incense Holder Boat StyleIncense Holder Boat Style  $1.58
INCBAG Zip Close Incense Bags, 100 packZip Close Incense Bags, 100 pack  $3.25
INCBAG1K Zip Close Incense Bags, 1000 packZip Close Incense Bags, 1000 pack  $29.99
INCBAGLG NEW Jumbo Incense Zip Bags, 100 packJumbo Incense Zip Bags, 100 pack  $6.50
INCBAGLG1K NEW Jumbo Incense Zip Bags, 1,000 packJumbo Incense Zip Bags, 1,000 pack  $60.99


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Home > Incense Making

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