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Home > Candle Making Supplies > Dyes & Pigments > Candle Dye Blocks

Economical, highly concentrated candle dye blocks. These oil soluble dyes will color large amounts of candle wax. Safe for core coloring candles - will not clog the wick unless used in extreme amounts.

Click on code number or color swatch for more details.

Candle Dye Blocks

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Code NameImagePrice 
DBAV01 Avocado Dye BlockAvocado Dye Block  $0.89
DBAV12 Avocado Dye Block, 12 packAvocado Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBAV144 Avocado Dye Block, 144 packAvocado Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBBA01 Bayberry Dye BlockBayberry Dye Block  $0.89
DBBA12 Bayberry Dye Block, 12 packBayberry Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBBA144 Bayberry Dye Block, 144 packBayberry Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBBK01 Black Dye BlockBlack Dye Block  $0.89
DBBK12 Black Dye Block, 12 packBlack Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBBK144 Black Dye Block, 144 packBlack Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBBB01 Blueberry Dye BlockBlueberry Dye Block  $0.89
DBBB12 Blueberry Dye Block, 12 packBlueberry Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBBB144 Blueberry Dye Block, 144 packBlueberry Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBBR01 Brown Dye BlockBrown Dye Block  $0.89
DBBR12 Brown Dye Block, 12 packBrown Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBBR144 Brown Dye Block, 144 packBrown Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBBU01 Burgundy Dye BlockBurgundy Dye Block  $0.89
DBBU12 Burgundy Dye Block, 12 packBurgundy Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBBU144 Burgundy Dye Block, 144 packBurgundy Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBCB01 Chocolate Dye BlockChocolate Dye Block  $0.89
DBCB12 Chocolate Dye Block, 12 packChocolate Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBCB144 Chocolate Dye Block, 144 packChocolate Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBFV01 French Vanilla Dye BlockFrench Vanilla Dye Block  $0.89
DBFV12 French Vanilla Dye Block, 12 packFrench Vanilla Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBFV144 French Vanilla Dye Block, 144 packFrench Vanilla Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBHG01 Harvest Gold Dye BlockHarvest Gold Dye Block  $0.89
DBHG12 Harvest Gold Dye Block, 12 packHarvest Gold Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBHG144 Harvest Gold Dye Block, 144 packHarvest Gold Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBHD01 Honeydew Dye BlockHoneydew Dye Block  $0.89
DBHD12 Honeydew Dye Block, 12 packHoneydew Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBHD144 Honeydew Dye Block, 144 packHoneydew Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBHU01 Hunter Green Dye BlockHunter Green Dye Block  $0.89
DBHU12 Hunter Green Dye Block, 12 packHunter Green Dye Block, 12 pack  $8.99
DBHU144 Hunter Green Dye Block, 144 packHunter Green Dye Block, 144 pack  $71.99
DBJA01 Jade Dye BlockJade Dye Block  $0.89


Color swatch shown is an approximation. Actual color may vary depending on factors such as wax, additives used, and amount of dye used. Additionally there are some variations in how monitors display colors.

PLEASE NOTE: The products in this area are sold for use in the making of candles and may be hazardous if misused. Do not ingest, and avoid prolonged skin contact. Keep away from children and pets.

Home > Candle Making Supplies > Dyes & Pigments > Candle Dye Blocks

PLEASE NOTE! - Currently the online shipping calculator is broken. We will email you the correct shipping cost for approval before processing your order.

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