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Home > Candle Making Supplies > Candle Scent Oils > Scent Oil - T > Teaberry Scent Oil 2 pound

Teaberry Scent Oil 2 pound

Quantity in Basket: none
Code: SOTEAB032

Shipping Weight: 2.45 pounds
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  • The finest scent oils available - we guarantee it
  • Full strength manufacturing grade oils
  • NOTE: Packaged in amber plastic bottles. For long term storage transfer to glass or metal
  • If you need a scent not listed we'll be happy to make it for you
  • Candle Making - Typical usage in candle making is 2 - 6% (1/3 to 1 ounce per pound of wax), depending on your wax formula and how heavily scented you want the finished candle
  • Refreshing Candles - Our scents can be used for scenting unscented candles, improving scented candles, and refreshing wax melts. Add a few drops to the melt pool of your candle
  • Soap Making - 5 to 20 pounds of soap per ounce of oil
  • Packaged by weight, not volume

PLEASE NOTE: The products in this area are sold for use in the making of candles and may be hazardous if misused. Do not ingest, and avoid prolonged skin contact with undiluted oils. Keep away from children and pets.


Home > Candle Making Supplies > Candle Scent Oils > Scent Oil - T > Teaberry Scent Oil 2 pound

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