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Votive Candles Floating Candles Utility Candles
Votive Candles Floating Candles Utility Candles
Taper Candles Tea Light Candles Glassware
Taper Candles Tea Light Candles Glassware

Our line of machine made candles have a low price point yet provide long burning high quality Made In USA candles. Although very popular candles for restaurant, catering, and institutional use, these are also great for home use when a scented candle is not desired.

Floating Candles - Our floating candles supply a very long burn time and are popular for table candles in restaurants and catered affairs such as weddings.

Taper Candles - Standard 12 inch dinner tapers in white or ivory.

Votive Candles - Inexpensive votives available in a selection of sizes. Burn time is based on the size and ranges from 8 hour to 15 hours. Votives are designed to be burned in a votive holder - burn time is substantially less if not burned in a holder.

Tea Light Candles - Top quality tea light candles provide a 4 -5 hour burn time at competitive prices to the cheap ones which don't last nearly as long.

Utility Candles - Long burning candles which are great for emergency use, candle light vigils, camping, etc... These are also known as lamp candles and plumber's candles.

Glassware - Discontinued product line, however what remains is at a discounted price.


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