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Welcome to One Stop Candle (formerly Candles & More). We have been providing fast, friendly online service on a huge selection of artisan craft supplies online since 1997 and our tech support is the best anywhere. Those who live in or are visiting the New York Metro area are welcome to come visit our shop in Williston Park, New York. We stock all the products shown on the web site in our store.

Bob Sherman

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Candle Making Supplies

We stock a large selection of candle making supplies providing one stop shopping for candle makers of all experience levels.We also offer free instructions and projects for those who wish to learn the basics of candlemaking or new techniques. Candle makers will find a large mold selection in many styles and types, plus a huge selection of scent oils, waxes, colorants, additives, and wick is also available. Our selection continues with many hard to find items as well.

A variety of wax additives to improve candle scent, color, hardness, decrease fading and more is offered as are a huge selection of scent oils for candle making. These are full strength manufacturing grade scent oils and are the best fragrance oils anywhere - guaranteed. Candle makers will find a large selection of candle colorants including dyes and pigments in block, chunk, and flake forms. Rub n Buff and pearlizer is also available for surface coloring. A large selection of candle molds in metal, plastic, and silicone is available. We offer a selection of wax for candlemaking including paraffin wax, beeswax, and blended container wax. Candlemaking accessories includes pouring pots, thermometers, scales, mold sealers, mold release, cleaner and more. For candle dipping we offer vats and multi taper dipping frames. We have clear and aluminum cups as well as several wick sizes for making tea light candles.

Chocolate Making Supplies

To better serve our customers, the products in this category (chocolate, candy, baking, and ice sculpture) have been moved to
Please start using that site for these products as we will begin phasing them out here soon.

Soap Making Supplies

We stock a selection of soap making supplies including scent oils and soap molds for all experience levels. We also offer free instructions and projects for those who wish to learn new techniques. Experienced soap makers will find a large selection of soap molds in many styles and types including several styles of plastc soap molds, metal tube soap molds, and metal bar soap molds.

Leather Working Supplies

We stock a large selection of leather working supplies for all experience levels. Beginners will find our leather working kits an inexpensive way to try out leather working. We also offer free basic leather carving instructions for those who wish to purchase their supplies separately. Experienced leather workers will find a large selection of leather working tools ranging from carving to layout and stitching tools. A nice selection of leather, leather working patterns, hardware, dyes, and finishes is also available. Leather lacing, glues, and accessories as well as an extensive selection of leather working stamps are also offered. Our selection of instructional books and videos on leather working is quite large and has something for every type of leather worker.

If you live in the New York Metro area and are into model rocketry we have a great closeout deal on engines for pick up in New York only.

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